Below are a selection of web sites, blogs, forums and other places of interest that I frequent.

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My Blog

Somewhere I post things from time to time, photos, articles reviews etc. Take a look HERE

Westerham Chess Club

As the title says, this is the webpage for the "Westerham Chess Club" run by me. Take a look HERE

The Art of Photography

If you are interested in photography, or in fact any creative arts at all you just have to look at, listen to, watch and take in the superb content produced by Ted Forbes. The link below will take you to the main site, from there you will find links to audio pod casts, video pod casts, web links and so on. You will find it all entertaining, informative, intuitive, motivating, and thoroughly inspirational. Refreshingly too you will not be bombarded with reviews of gear or equipment, solely input in relation to every aspect of photography, including many aspects that many will not have even considered, philosophy for example. Go take a look, you will not regret it.

Take a look HERE